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Did you know that in addition to selling products on behalf of our principles, ITS also offers sales consulting services?

ITS can help your company transform your sales staff. We’ll help them to develop a specific selling system tailored to your companies’ needs, and industry. We can do everything from helping you develop sales scripts, evaluate your sales staff, and help overcome sticking points. Utilizing our marketing partners, we can help you improve your brand messaging by possibly updating your website, creating a social media presence, and updating/improving marketing materials.

We can even help fill in as a temporary sales manager; so that business owners can get back to running their business, instead of worrying about their sales department.

Contact us today so that we can help your company establish a sales system to improve close rates, and help you fill your pipeline with new deals. Every company is unique, with its own unique challenges. Let us help you create a plan that makes sense for your company.

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  • This isn't the time to be shy. By letting us know how critical the situation is, and what you've already done to address it, you enable our team to rally the resources and support for you right away.


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