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Manufacturing Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience selling direct to OEMs and Tier ½ companies, Innovative Tech Sales offers manufacturing and general business consulting to grow your business.

Our consultants can quickly guide your company on the path to maximum potential with extensive knowledge of transplant automotive, heavy truck, and appliance industries.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor all of our programs to your specific needs. We provide the tools, expertise, and benchmarks you need to achieve immediate results as you build toward the long-term success of your business.

Our Perspective on Manufacturing

Our manufacturing consultants challenge our clients to focus on three essential questions: What will you manufacture? Where will you manufacture? How will you manufacture?

New technologies haven’t made it easier to answer these questions, but it is more critical than ever to find the answers.

By determining the answers to these questions, our consultants help our clients make the decisions that will shape their exposure to risk, customer targeting, profitability, and more.

What will you manufacture? Understanding your products, product lines, and other crucial components of the manufacturing process will help you decide what products will be made in-house and what will be purchased from a supplier.

Optimizing your supply chain along with your other manufacturing operations will help you establish strategic direction.

Where will you manufacture? The location of your plant and distribution centers is important. Our consultants analyze future demand models, cost-competitiveness indexes, and more.

How will you manufacture? Our consultants will help you evaluate your supply chain through a comprehensive and holistic lens. This perspective will ensure that every process is operating at a top-notch level. We can also help you build lean production systems, quality processes, and logistics capabilities.

Our collaborative approach provides real-world guidance on industry trends and strategies, so you can continue scaling efficiently and more effectively than your competitors.

Turn bottlenecks into growth opportunities through a partnership with our manufacturing consultants.


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